I Need Out Of This House

I’m bored. And when I’m bored, I tend to get into things I shouldn’t get into. Namely, watching stupid shit. While there’s a pandemic going on, I decided to binge-watch pandemic shows. Because of course I did. Here’s what I’ve learned.

93 Days- People in Nigeria apparently all speak perfect English with not much of an accent to be seen anywhere. They also go ahead and trust a patient who says he absolutely did not come in contact with anyone who had Ebola while he visited the hot zone in Liberia, even though he couldn’t possibly have known that with so much certainty. When in doubt, guys? Cover your asses up. Jeez. Look, I’m just saying… if I was a doctor practicing so close to a known outbreak area, I’d be taking extra precautions just in general, let alone when someone comes in with similar symptoms.

Outbreak- Stop smuggling monkeys! God dammit, guys! Just… stop it. This used to be a favorite show when I was younger, but watching it during this mess makes it all too real. Seeing just how fast something can spread is terrifying. Seeing how fast government agencies break down when no one knows who is in charge is scary. Animals are awesome and adorable, but they are just as awesome and adorable if we leave them in their normal habitats and just take pictures or something. Let the wild stay wild, and keep their viruses and bacteria far away from us, please.

Contagion- The viruses and sicknesses are never the worst part, they’re the least of the problems. One person is smart, a group of people are dumb. Journalists and bloggers dictate the crowd, and whoever gets the juiciest headlines first captures the attention. When it’s an anti-vaccine conspiracy theorist? Things are not going to go well for humanity. Nobody is immune in trying to make sense of things, to find hope or explanations, but we have to be rational, or at least try to, during a completely irrational time. Don’t listen to Jude Law. (Or celebrities) They generally know nothing. Listen to actual experts. You’ll fare better. Hope you have a good birthday draw date.

Containment- Dear Gods. This one was rough. Just… just don’t do any of this. The whole thing is a no-no situation. Just avoid it all. I’ll write a review next week after I re-watch. I stayed up all night to binge-watch it because I couldn’t go to bed without seeing the end. Safe to say, don’t trust the bitch who means business, they got nothing to lose. This show was far too damn real, they really did their research, which made is scary as hell. If you’re into these types of shows like I am, definitely head to Netflix and give it a watch. Or, wait for my review Monday! 🙂

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