Pandemic Inspirations

Awhile back, I bought a cover with the idea of using it for a future dystopian novel. Unfortunately, the dystopian future I’d envisioned is now here. So what’s a writer to do?

At first, I’d planned to write about a novel new virus that sweeps the world, starting in unregulated animal markets. It decimates human populations, creates a world living in fear and desperation, causes mass shortages… well, you get the picture. We’re living it. Sadly, I’m not the only author that had a future idea for something like this. Now? I’m seeing a bunch of authors stating that they’re going to write pandemic books to use what’s happening now as inspiration.

That doesn’t appeal to me. I don’t want to be just one in a crowd, accused of following the masses and doing what’s popular at the moment. So even though I’ve had this idea for a few years now and planned to make it pretty unique with how the disease worked and the things I used in the story, I’ve now kind of ditched it for awhile… maybe permanently. It just depends on if I can rustle up inspiration for it that can be folded into something unique and different from whatever else gets put on the market.

For now, I’ve switched gears. I’m researching something completely out of the realm of viruses, switching to technology. It’s going to be a little harder to research as this isn’t something that has happened before on the scale I’m imagining, but I’m working on getting my ideas in a row and seeing whether they turn into a cohesive outline. Whatever I do, you can bet I’m going to make it as realistic and well-researched as possible.

Would you read a pandemic or crisis related book now? Later? A year or two down the road? Do you prefer they be grounded in scientific fact, or more fanciful so they don’t seem as ‘real’?

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