Technical Difficulties and Rough Seas

I’m an author. That’s what I do. Unfortunately, I’m also set in my ways and don’t like change. That is… causing a problem. You see, I like only one kind of laptop. And it’s currently not doing well.

Once you get used to the feel of a certain kind of laptop’s keys under your fingers, anything else feels funny and you just can’t type as well. That, and I wanted to stick with Windows 7 as long as possible, as I hate the mobile direction Windows has taken with their newer platforms. I’m old-school. I still have separate devices for separate functions, much to my best friend’s abject horror. I have an Ipod, a Garmin, an Iphone, and a Kindle. Each does the one thing I want them to do. Music, GPS, Phone, Books.

I don’t want my laptop to act like a phone, with apps and mobile welcome screens and all that nonsense. I just want my laptop to act like a computer and my phone to act like a phone. Now that Windows 7 is hitting the end of the support line, I’m going to have to adjust, I suppose.

Back to my laptop. Slow. Buggy. Freezing. I’ve gone through and done all the scans, all the system checks. Tells me nothing is wrong. But clearly something is. Last ditch effort is to upgrade the RAM, try to make it another year before I’m forced to get a new one and deal with Win10 and… acclimating. Urgh.

Until then, I’ll be backing up my research, notes, and writing religiously because I can’t trust this blasted thing to behave itself. I know I’m just holding off the inevitable by trying to save this one as long as I can but… but… change. Good news though, well, in a way. The headlines lately are giving me plenty of little ideas for things to write about for Kade and a future dystopian novel, so there’s that, at least. Bonus, the dystopian may very well be a collaboration! 

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