The Case Heard Round The World

Few things capture the public’s fury quite like the death of a child. Even worse? When the killers are also children. We don’t have the capacity to understand how a child can develop the drive or need to kill.

When writing Railway, I knew I needed a case that was appalling, that would immediately catch the attention of Kade Ryland. I remembered reading about the murder of James Bulger, and how truly shocking it was. A 2 year old toddler was lured, killed, and mutilated by two 10 year olds. It was unfathomable, yet it was true. To this day, I believe it may very well be one of the most disturbing cases in history.

These boys, these children, deliberately lured a toddler away from his mother. They persisted even as he was crying, even as passerby noticed and simply assumed he was playing with them. There were so many opportunities for people to stop them, to decide that something didn’t seem above-board, and no one did, thinking the older boys were babysitting a sibling.

The abuse he suffered was awful. No one expected two children to participate in physical and sexual abuse on a toddler, which is part of what made this all the more horrifying. They served 8 years before a parole board released them. One has already been back to prison multiple times for possessing incriminating media on his computers. 

The terrible part is, how can you tell? You want to believe children are innocent, that crimes like these would never cross their minds, but time and time again, we’re proven wrong. Kids can be killers. Sometimes it just takes one little push in the wrong direction. With Railway, I wanted to bring awareness to this case once more, to ensure that we never forget the capacity for evil in the hearts and minds of those around us, even those we least suspect. 

We’re all wearing masks in some shape or form. We just have to understand that for some, it’s only skin deep. If you’d like to read more about the case, you can check out the Wiki page and assorted links located there. I’m still picking my next cases to have copycatted for Kade to work on, but honestly, I don’t know if anything can quite top this one. I truly hope not.

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