The Return of the Plague

So, I have somehow caught my father’s man-flu. May the Gods have mercy. But of course, while it knocks men out for the count, women must still work, because man-flu is only devastating to the males. 😉

I’m popping DayQuil, NyQuil, and Sudafed like candy, but nothing is really helping at the moment. I’m surrounded by Kleenex and empty silver pill packages. The life of a writer, everyone! Instead of writing, I’ve been working on ‘research’, IE, what I call it when I sit on my butt and watch TV all day. 

We’ve watched the movie on Hulu about H.H. Holmes, which was interesting, but presented a new take on the whole controversy surrounding him. Were a lot of the things he confessed to lies? Obviously he was a murderer, but was he as prolific as he claimed? Seeing as how some of the people he claimed to have murdered actually showed up alive, you have to wonder whether he was simply seeking attention, to become infamous, and inflated his numbers to do so. 

My DVR is loaded up with Bizarre Murders, the Aaron Hernandez case, shows about BTK and the Green River Killer, the Australian Brown-Out Killer, the Cleveland Strangler. Yes, these are what I watch when I don’t feel good and need some down time…. no one said writers were 100% sane. 🙂 I’m slowly gathering intel for the second and third stories in Kade Ryland’s first book, so I can get his series ‘officially’ started. 

After that, I have plans for a dystopian novel. It’ll be something a little bit different for me,  but I’m excited to see where I can go with it. My nieces want me to write a series for them that they can read and share with their friends, but I have no clue what I’m planning on doing about that yet. We’ll see! Until then, I’ll be sitting here surrounded by my sickly paraphernalia. Someone send chicken soup and hot cocoa, stat.

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